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Lost Hope

Lost Hope
My friend John lost both of his legs to infection. Shortly after, he lost his wife to a heart attack. As bad as this was, it was not the full extent of his loss. John had to move from his familiar house into an assisted living facility in another town. He no longer had access to his longtime friends. Through it all, John mourned for, not only his limbs and his wife, but his whole way of life which had been wretched from him in his old age. Much of what Joe had hoped his future would be was now out of his reach.
What are your hopes? How does your illness affect your future hopes? The Bible tells us that God has your future in his care and that He is on your side. “For surely I know the plans I have for you,…plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope” (Jer. 29:11). Many have lost much, but nothing trumps the future hope we have in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who promises a future beyond our lives here. God is not a liar. His promises are true. You can bet your life on them.

A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness
Several centuries ago in a mountain village in Europe, a wealthy nobleman wondered what legacy he should leave to his townspeople. He made a good decision. He decided to build them a church. No one was permitted to see the plans or the inside of the church until it was finished. At its grand opening, the people gathered and marveled at the beauty of the new church. Everything had been thought of and included. It was a masterpiece. But then someone said, “Wait a minute! Where are the lamps? It is really quite dark in here. How will the church be lighted?” The nobleman pointed to some brackets in the walls, and then he gave each family a lamp, which they were to bring with them each time they came to worship. “Each time you are here,” the nobleman said, “the place where you are seated will be lighted. Each time you are not here, that place will be dark. This is to remind you that whenever you fail to come to church, some part of God’s house will be dark.”

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