Carlstrom Family COVID-19 Update

Dear Crossroads Family, 

Mia Mills led worship for me last Sunday, as I was still isolated. She mentioned that there were a few couple questions that came up often. 

One, was about when I could come back! I wanted to explain that to you. I found out on Sunday, October 4th that I had been exposed to one person who tested positive to Covid and needed to isolate. On October 5th I found out that I was exposed to a second person who tested positive. Marcie Schmiesing, our parish nurse, recommended right away that I isolate, and take a test after 5 days of exposure. I took my test on Thursday morning and was surprised to find it was positive. So far, I have not developed any illness. I can tell that there were a few days that my body was fighting something, but thankfully I never got sick or had a fever, cough, or severe symptoms. The state of MN recommends that I isolate for 10 days after the positive test. This would take me to October 18th being my last day of isolation. My first day back in the office will be Monday, October 19th. Justin's test took longer to get back and was originally 'inconclusive.' It has since come back negative, praise the Lord! He is still planning on having surgery on the 27th, as long as he continues to test negative for Covid. 

Second, some of you noticed that Doug Carlstrom, Justin's dad, was added to the prayer list. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past week and would appreciate all the prayers he can get. As of right now, he is awaiting a plan from his doctor. 

This coming Sunday will be a Mission Sunday! Thank you to Doug & Jill Nelson and Kevin Rosendahl for giving us mission updates on that Sunday. This time has reminded me that the church is not the pastor! Just as in our quarantine time we were reminded that the church is not the building. The church is the people of God gathered around the rightly taught word of God and rightly administered sacraments. I thank the Lord for his work in and through you this past week. Being isolated from you and those I care about is very difficult for me. I would much rather be with you! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and prayers. I look forward to seeing you soon and am counting the days until October 19th. Feel free to call me if you need anything!

In Christ, 


Sarah Carlstrom