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Youth & Family Ministry

At Crossroads we believe it is to us all in the church to train up and support Families and their children to follow Jesus in an ever changing and challenging world.

Youth Ministry is Currently Under Construction

Crossroads believes that investing in Families and Children is the future of God’s Good News to the church and the Dawson community! We are presently in a financial campaign to raise funds to hire a gifted person by mid 2023 to help marshal Crossroads various resources for this purpose.


Rally Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month at 11 am after Sunday Worship we gather together all ages of youth for age appropriate learning, but in the context of Families together. Parents also receive training, info and tools to work with their children in their homes to train them to follow Jesus.

Children's Message

Each Sunday's worship service contains a children's message. This message is meant to put that week's law and gospel into terms the child can hear and trust. 


Youth Activities

Our Youth and Family leaders plan and offer activites for our middle school and high school age students. These activities vary according to interest, need, and season. Check out the calendar to see the upcoming events. Some past activities include movie nights, campfires, canoe trips, and mission trips - just to name a few!

Crossroads Outfitters

Crossroads Outfitters plans and facilitates outdoor activities for all ages. Some of the activities they have done in the past include archery, canoeing, and even a trip to the Boundary Waters! All of these activities are a grounded on a foundation of faith and meant to point, polish, & propel faith in Christ Jesus. 


Other Education

We offer a variety of other classes for youth including:​

  • Baptism

  • First Communion

  • Confirmation 

Contact the Pastor for more information. 

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