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Welcome to Crossroads! We believe the Lord led you here! Whether it’s your first time checking us out or you are a regular returning for information or encouragement, please know that you are not here by chance and you matter to God and to us!


We believe that Crossroads is a part of God’s global Family and a unique expression of His heart in the Dawson community and western MN region. We believe that God gathers and scatters us frequently to renew and then activate us to share His Vision in this world. That Vision was succinctly given when Jesus prayed, “on earth as it is in Heaven.” At Crossroads, His prayer has become our Vision! It may seem strange or impossible to you that heaven could come down to earth, but that is exactly what was initiated when Jesus came to the planet the first time, Heaven began invading the earth! That invasion unleashed amazing goodness and awakened improbable outcomes for so many, literally altering the course of human history. At Crossroads we are simply trying to follow Jesus”lead in continually extending God’s Goodness into the lives of people in varied and challenging circumstances in Dawson and around the world! We would love to have you join us on this amazing journey of His Good News to you and the world!

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